Laura Kelley Hayes
Director of Education

For Laura, the artistry in hairdressing comes from the opportunity to be creative in a creative environment. Laura's comprehensive skill-set, artistic sensibility and passion will expose you to a variety of haircut and color options unique to your individual style.

Chicago Magazine listed Laura as one of Chicago's most sought after hairstylists. She personally admits to loving sculpting bobs and will add her signature detail to every cut and color.

Laura sees the changing world as inspiration for her work and considers everyday a quest for excellence and creative opportunity. Her approach to hair design is carefully choreographed, each step building beautifully and intentionally upon the next. And in the end you know you have something special.

Cut for Women $90
Cut for Men $70

Robin Mroz
Salon Master

Robin's refined sense of fashion and welcoming approach is reflective in her work as a master stylist and colorist as well as in the experience you will have in her chair.

From the latest trends to the timeless classics, Robin knows how to elevate your desired look while respecting what is best for your hair, your mood and your lifestyle.

When not in the Studio, Robin is on stage or in the classroom presenting the latest hair trends and techniques to her peers. Her work has been published in over 70 countries and has worked with brand name companies strengthening their educational curriculum and presentation platforms.

Engaging and realistic, Robin's work from the runway to salon will be insightful, inspirational and always beautiful.

Cut for Women $67
Cut for Men $57

Erin Nelson
Studio Master

Erin's creative and analytical method allows her to understand your style goals and how to achieve them. With an intuitive eye and skillful hand, she has perfected the diversity in both cut and color techniques to ensure an amazing experience.

You will never have a 'bad-hair day' in Erin's chair; her spirit is incredibly uplifting. You will not only leave with great looking hair but a smile as well. She is adventurous, open to new concepts and thoughtful in her approach to hair.

Cut for Women $64
Cut for Men $53

Erica Everson
Studio Creative

Drawing on her art school experience, Erica believes that hair is an ever- changing canvas. Her transition into hairdressing was inspired by the evolving nature of the beauty and fashion industry; hence a multi-faceted hair stylist was born!

Erica's study in art supports how shape, balance, color, texture and proportion relate to the whole person; a consideration Erica takes before a single strand of hair is cut and colored. She has also added airbrush makeup and hair extensions to her list of beauty talents.

Fellow artists such as David LaChapelle, Tim Burton and Kat VonD are Erica's creative inspirations who push boundaries on beauty and art to make a statement about who they are. Looking to make a statement? Want to turn a few heads? Erica can make that happen.

Cut for Women $59
Cut for Men $49